Demand Driven Supply Chain

The right product at the right time at the right price – we can help you achieve retail’s classic objective in the challenging new world of multichannel retailing. 

Key challenges

Multichannel retailing has opened up exciting new ways to interact with customers, but the retail mantra remains the same: deliver the right product at the right time at the right price.

Unfortunately, many retailers aren’t able to live up to this mantra. They don’t sell the products that appeal most to their customers, or don’t have stock available in the channel where customers want to shop. These disappointments have serious consequences now that customers can so easily switch to a competitor.

A beautiful web front-end isn’t enough – retailers need to invest in a demand-driven supply chain (DDSC). This delivers an improved customer experience and increases profitability through higher sales and margins and reduced stockholding. The key is to integrate trading plans and supply chains in a truly end-to-end manner.

Our solution

  • Capgemini’s DDSC offer helps your company deliver a more profitable, customer-focused proposition by using deep customer insight and predictive technologies to build better assortments and coordinate product flow through the supply chain to deliver on your customer promises.
  • DDSC relies on familiar concepts such as assortment planning, space planning, forecasting and replenishment. The magic is in the way these capabilities are woven together to coordinate all aspects of buying, merchandising and supply chain in line with your strategic goals.
  • DDSC embeds leading-practice processes into your commercial function. It puts your customer, competitor and internal data into the hands of people who can make the customer proposition a reality. As a result, you should see tangible improvements in sales, margin and stock.

Demand-Driven Supply Chain

Why Capgemini?

We've already delivered the benefits of DDSC to a range of clients:

  • The foundations of the DDSC model were created when a US luxury retailer asked us to help transform its end-to-end planning and fulfilment capability.
  • We helped a stalwart of the UK high street paint a vision and plan a roadmap to develop a DDSC, and then acted as their partner in delivering the vision.
  • We worked with a UK homeware retailer to define a commercial strategy and DDSC roadmap, and to implement a formal category planning process to deliver the strategy.
  • As part of a larger DDSC-based vision, we helped a world-renowned luxury retailer to implement a global allocation and replenishment solution.

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