Develop Customer Driven Supply Chains

In the race to meet customer expectations, retailers with a traditional supply chain are at risk of over-promising and under-delivering. The mantra of right time, place, product, quantity, size and price is a promise that is harder than ever to fulfil, but more important than ever to achieve.

Our Solution

We can help you better understand and respond to your customers and competitors, gain greater visibility and control of stock or provide the tools and insight to drive more profitable decision making. We put critical data in the hands of the people who can make the customer proposition a reality, driving tangible improvements in sales, margin and stock, through:


  • Strategic category management
  • Merchandise and assortment planning
  • Forecasting and advanced replenishment
  • Multi-channel fulfilment
  • Warehousing and transport management
  • End-to-end supply chain optimisation

Why Capgemini?

We believe that a dynamic supply chain is absolutely critical in order to be a truly customer-focused retailer. We can help you achieve that, delivering a more profitable customer proposition. The strength we bring is our understanding and experience of the way in which these capabilities can be joined together to co-ordinate all aspects of buying, merchandising and supply chain, in line with your strategic goals.