Digital and Loyalty

With boundaries between channels breaking down, we work with retailers to review their approach to customer engagement and customer relationship management and come up with solutions that are right for their specific needs.

Key challenges

Once, retailers could succeed by having a brand strong enough to create footfall, and a store operation strong enough to convert that footfall into revenue. Now, the in-store experience has given way to the multichannel experience – and even that is now just a small part of the virtuous circle of retailer/customer interaction that retailers aspire to and, in some cases, are achieving. 

With boundaries between channels breaking down, retailers now need to undertake a complete rethink of the challenges surrounding customer engagement and customer relationship management.

Our solution

  • No two retailers face the same challenges when it comes to customer engagement and loyalty. We tailor our approach and team to a retailer’s specific needs and objectives, and to the relationship that it wishes to foster with its customers. Depending on those individual requirements, we can offer:
  • Retail digital maturity assessment – a rapid diagnostic used to measure a retailer’s digital maturity and identify any capability gaps that need to be addressed to deliver an optimal customer experience.
  • Retail All-Channel Experience (ACE) framework – to help digitally transform the way an organisation interacts with customers.
  • Retail customer loyalty transformation – optimising the customer loyalty offer.
  • Digital store transformation – a hothouse-based approach to physically transforming a store network. This could include the adoption or optimisation of an in-store clienteling tool.
  • Retail customer analytics-led engagement – combining customer data with other data (for example operational or market data) in order to derive near real-time, actionable insights to optimise customer experience.
  • Retail eCommerce – a rapid approach to help set up a new retail e-commerce capability, or transform an existing one.

Why Capgemini? 

Capgemini has worked with many leading UK and global retailers to help digitally transform their business. As recognised leaders in this field, we offer:
  • Industry-leading digital solutions tailored for retail; these are based on world-class research (for example, through our longstanding partnerships with MIT and IMRG) plus real-life, practical delivery experience.
  • A collaborative way of working with clients to ensure that solutions are fit for purpose and that knowledge transfer is in place.
  • A global pool of retail and digital experience, so that we can instantaneously tap into expert advice and experience.
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