Empower the Insight Driven Retailer

New trends are driving more retailers to start the insights journey. Disruptive players are becoming commonplace, changing the industry. Technology is evolving at a rapid pace, not just in the way that consumers interact, but also in the way data is collected and analysed. Consumers want experiences instead of products.

Our Solution

Retailers recognise the strategic importance of analytics but often struggle to quantify the value they will achieve, yet the opportunities to exploit data grow more powerful all the time. It’s therefore critical to justify the return on investment in analytics technology and prove the value in a business context. We can provide:


  • Insight centres
  • Intelligent asset management
  • Insight for customer engagement and loyalty
  • Insight for supply chain
  • Analytics and data transformation


Why Capgemini?

Success requires the application of mathematical and statistical techniques to create insights, leading to better decisions and better results. Capgemini Consulting’s UK Analytics team has over 50 experienced business consultants with a mathematical background. We identify the business challenges that can be transformed through analytics and then advise on how to build the capability to ensure benefits are realised and embedded.