Enterprise Performance Management

Retailers today need to deliver a consistent, personalised experience across all channels, and that makes demands on back-office systems as well as customer-facing ones. We help retail clients grow their capabilities to protect their advantage in this new world.

Key challenges

To benefit fully from digital transformation, retailers need to reconsider the way they handle traditional, as well as digital, channels. In the digital world, customers expect an increasingly sophisticated shopping experience regardless of channel. Therefore, retailers must deliver consistent, personalised shopping experiences to customers across all channels (mobile, social, web, store).

In addition, as they become more digital, organisations need, as they always did, to cascade corporate, commercial and finance strategies down through all levels of decision-making and operational execution in order to drive the right behaviours. The disruptive nature of multichannel operation means that new approaches to doing this are required.

A further challenge is that the disruptive nature of digital may invalidate current ways of measuring and managing profitability, and existing systems may not be able to adapt to new ways of doing so. This can make it hard to quantify the improvements to business performance resulting from digital transformation. Retailers today are typically capturing ever-increasing volumes of data, and may have sophisticated tools to create reports across multiple channels – but is the information relevant and practical? 

Our solution

The Capgemini Enterprise Performance Management team understand that to deliver the right customer experience profitably, retailers need to continuously improve their capabilities in the following areas:
  • Integrated business planning – setting clear and up-to-date business plans and forecasts, aligned to business objectives, cascaded to initiatives and programmes, and integrated across all channels to enable faster and better decisions.
  • Integrated profitability management – identifying how the organisation could profit from new channels and whether such gains will be realised.
  • Enterprise data management – improving reference data held in ERP systems to ensure a consistent view of the customer across all channels.
  • Effective information delivery – consistently delivering a single view of the customer and performance information to drive more informed decision-making across all channels.
  • Information simplification – lowering costs and improving the effectiveness of senior management interventions by clarifying targets and simplifying performance reporting.
  • Aligned KPI framework – ensuring the right KPIs are used to drive performance and behaviours that promote integrated management across channels and a consistent customer experience.

Why Capgemini?

Our functional and technological expertise, along with our tools and methodologies, has supported numerous retail and consumer products clients in addressing complex business performance management challenges. Examples include:
  • Helping a global FTSE100 consumer products client to develop a single, standardised approach to cross-functional business planning for adoption by all operating units.
  • For two food retailers, a shoe retailer and a home enhancement retailer, developing and rolling out balanced scorecards with which to manage their estates.
  • Creating a balanced corporate dashboard for the board of a leading UK food retailer to use in weekly and monthly business performance review meetings.
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