Multichannel Fulfillment

Most retailers have yet to work out how to make multichannel retail profitable. We support them in deciding what needs to change, applying some traditional disciplines to realise the potential of new retail.

Key challenges

Retail operations have been refined over many years to achieve maximum efficiency in selling products for a profit; they were working well until the onset of multichannel. However, traditional fulfilment capabilities, infrastructure and assets are not always easily adapted to today’s diverse modes of retailing. Retailers don’t just need to shift from managing pallets and wagons to singles and end-customers – often they need to do both. 

Not many companies today can execute multichannel retail profitably, because the complexity of the supply chain has pushed up costs. To turn a profit, retailers need a multichannel customer proposition that suits new retail without throwing out the old retail basics. Questions to address include:
  • How can retailers deal with fine margins plus increasingly aggressive competition and rising costs, while ensuring that demanding customer expectations are at least met if not exceeded?
  • How can retailers continue to grow when core and traditional markets are static? What capabilities make international expansion sustainable and profitable?
  • How do retailers develop eFulfilment realignment and expansion plans while remaining true to their brand?        
  • How can supply chain strategies be fine-tuned to provide seamless customer experiences across channels? How can retailers achieve speed and reliability at the same time?
  • How can inventory turnover, transportation flows and fulfilment capabilities be optimised at the lowest possible cost?

Our solution

  • The Capgemini Consulting eFulfilment team are specialists at identifying future challenges in eFulfilment and supporting retailers in managing them. Accumulated knowledge, appreciation and experience of the industry have resulted in an extensive, and proven, approach to drive customer satisfaction and loyalty while improving revenues and profitability. Knowing that retailers are all different, we work closely with clients to understand their individual challenges and desired changes.

Our eFulfilment team can help in the following areas:
  • Global reach and proven performance. We have successfully delivered for some of the largest organisations in the world using our extensive and renowned eFulfilment capability.
  • Supply chain transformation. We understand how network optimisation, and consolidation, collaboration and alignment with suppliers, improves service quality and product availability.
  • Multichannel expertise. Fast, accurate eFulfilment demands refinement of the supply chain to accommodate a wider array of products and meet rising consumer demand. Emphasis on the consumer and service promise is critical.
  • Technological leadership. We can support the development of planning and execution tools required to become best in class, helping with distributed order management, cross-channel integration and management, and responsive data-driven analysis.

Why Capgemini?

Our eFulfilment experts have managed supply chain management projects for over 75% of the Fortune 500 companies in the last five years. We have one of the broadest supply chain management portfolios on the market, and our specialists work with the top software and hardware vendors in each area of the supply chain.

We have carried out successful eFulfilment projects for clients including Matalan, Morrisons and Michael Kors. These projects have spanned many areas including supply chain diagnostics, strategic order orchestration and PTS transformation.
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