Store Transformation

Increasingly, customers need a compelling reason to visit a store. We help retail clients work out what they need to change to make their store estate into a competitive asset, and then work with them to carry out these changes.

Key challenges

Consumers are interacting with retailers in increasingly diverse ways. For many, stores are still the preferred channel, and they remain the main revenue driver for many retailers, but digital channels are on the rise. Increasingly, customers need a compelling reason to visit a store.
Our clients are grappling to understand what the changing role of the store means for them. A year or two ago, everyone was worrying about the viability of stores against the onslaught of efficient online pure plays. Now, however, many retailers are realising that an appropriate store footprint is a competitive advantage, not a burden.
The question is what needs to change so that you can leverage your store estate as a competitive asset that drives revenue and loyalty.

Our solution

  • When considering stores we use four key dimensions, which we address together, always keeping the customer at the centre:
  • Human – the right interaction and skills to delight customers and offer something that a tablet or a PC cannot.
  • Physical – showcasing “who we are” and providing an environmental experience that encourages customers to linger and return.
  • Digital – supporting a seamless journey that benefits the customer: seamless digital handovers on entering and leaving the store, and added value while in the store.
  • Fit – the right people at the right time, doing the right things, underpinned by the right stock volume and availability.
  • We tackle these interrelated dimensions through a number of approaches. For both physical and digital stores, we partner with an ecosystem of design and trend agencies, and innovative digital players within Capgemini and beyond, to help our clients understand what is possible and what makes the best impact for them.
True store transformation is usually only possible when all upstream functions are engaged and aligned to create benefit for customers, colleagues and shareholders. Our tried-and-tested methodology therefore balances the rational, political and emotional dimensions of sustained store transformation.

Why Capgemini?

  • We have an unrivalled track record in delivering transformational improvements in stores. We have delivered store transformation for a range of food, clothing and homeware retailers driving 3-5% increases in sales (sometimes more) with minimal capex investment, enabling substantial bottom-line profit improvements.
  • Our team combines strong consulting expertise with many years of industry experience. We understand the challenges our customers are facing – many of us have been retailers, and all of us have specialised in retail.
  • We produce dramatic results for our clients:
-        Sales increased by 3-5%
-        Customer satisfaction increased by 25-50%
-        Employee satisfaction increased by 25-50%
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