Utilities Operational Excellence

Operational excellence must be a priority if utilities companies are to remain competitive in today’s challenging climate. We bring a range of techniques – both top-down and bottom-up – to help companies achieve operational improvements that last.

Key challenges

Utilities companies need to remain competitive, cope with regulatory constraints, maintain high utilisation of aging assets and generally perform better while coping with a talent shortage. All these factors mean that operational excellence has become a major catalyst for the industry.

Our solution

  • Via a mixed top-down/bottom-up approach, we can help you achieve operational excellence:
  • Operational efficiency to improve profitability (from top-down cost reduction programmes to lean six sigma bottom-up, with some level of managerial transformation).
  • Global operations programme (standardisation of operations, with identification and adoption of best practices).
  • Compliance with new regulatory requirements while maintaining maximum profitability.
  • Managing the cost of replacing or extending old assets and renewing talent.
  • Process rationalisation and business process management.

Why Capgemini?

We use this combination of techniques to identify and deliver operational improvements that last. For example, with a large water utility we transformed operational performance using a combination of lean, hothousing, performance management and analytics. As well as saving over £1m opex per month, this company moved from the bottom quartile to the top quartile for customer service. Adopting our techniques enabled the workforce to continue making improvements after the engagement ended, increasing opex savings by 40% to £1.4m per month.

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